Puhuri dryer

1. Use

PUHURI is designed for drying of shoes, gloves and other items of clothing. Drying is accomplished by airflow; no heat is used (risk of fungus and microbe growth is minimised).

2. Placing

PUHURI can be used in all normal indoor environments. DO NOT USE OR STORE THE DRYER IN EXTREME MOIST CONDITIONS. AVOID WATER SPRAY OR SPLASH. If placed in a closet, make sure that there is enough air circulation through the lower and upper parts of the closet. PUHURI will dry all kinds of gloves and footwear fast and effectively - as many as 32 items at a time.

  • PUHURI is easy and convenient to use. You can adjust the drying time by using a timer.
  • PUHURI is light, easy to move and keep clean.
  • Low consumption of electricity makes PUHURI extremely economical in use.
  • PUHURI prevents the spreading of epidermophytosis and moulds.
  • PUHURI blower has a service-free motor, and the casing and holders are made of shock-resistant ABS plastic.

PUHURI is used for drying gloves, footwear and other equipment with room-temperature air. The air is led into the drying objects through pipes that serve as holders.

PUHURI is easy to place on the floor, on a table or even in a cupboard. When placed in a cupboard, the air circulated by PUHURI will also dry the items placed above the dryer.


Technical data

Voltage V 230 
Hz 50
Fuse size min A 6
Amp draw max A
Protection IP X2
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions Length: 81 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 60 cm



The holders lead the drying air directly inside
the item to be dried.
A timer is used to set the desired drying time,
which can be changed during the process.
The free space under the Puhuri dryer is easy to
keep clean and dry.